We're Moving!

CDA Clinics will be moving in the New Year, and look forward to welcoming all current and new patients from the 3rd February 2020 to our new dedicated Medical Cannabis Clinic in Varsity Lakes .

What’s happening with appointments?

Existing Appointments

If you have an existing appointment with Dr Ben, and the date of the consultation is before the 3rd February, your appointment will take place at Medical on Miami as per normal.

If you’re an existing patient of Dr Ben’s he’ll be able to continue your ongoing medical cannabis care at the new clinic – There’s no need for a new referral or health summary.

New Appointments

If you’re a new patient or have a follow-up consultation booked in for after the 3rd february, please get in touch on (07) 5689 3740.

Your appointment will take place at our new location in Varsity Lakes.

Patient Journey

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