Medicinal Cannabis Products

CDA Clinics only use Medicinal Cannabis Products from suppliers listed on the Office of Drug Control website.

 TGA registered Medicinal Cannabis products are certified to be pesticide and toxin free.

CDA Clinic doctors help patients to choose the appropriate product for the individual patient. Products cost $4-10 for on average. Please register for our services.


CDA products are available through the Burleigh Heads Cannabis wholesaler

Doctors, if you would like a product list, please send a request to

CDA Branded Products

CDA has oral capsules, oral oils, and vapourised products; all grown from natural cannabis in pharmaceutical grade (GMP) sites with specific known levels of Cannabinoids and certified completely pesticide and toxin free, for a trustworthy and standardised highest grade of cannabis product. Doctors and Patients, please find our products in the TGA SAS portal ( using “CDA” as the search term.