Buy Medical Cannabis Products in Australia

The average patient pays between $4-10 per day for their Medicinal Marijuana product.

CDA doctors can prescribe any legal Medical Cannabis products available on the market. The doctor will work with the patient in the consultation to select the most affordable and appropriate Medical Marijuana product available to buy legally.

 We work in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (TGA) to ensure the safe and suitable supply of Medical Cannabis products in Australia. TGA registered Medicinal Cannabis products are certified to be pesticide and toxin free.


For prescribing Doctors, specialists and allied health professionals, CDA Medical Marijuana products are available through the Burleigh Heads Cannabis wholesaler. If you’d like a product list, please send a request to


CDA Branded Medical Marijuana Products

You can buy CDA Medical Cannabis products in various forms, including oral capsules, oral oils, and vapourised products. All grown from natural cannabis in pharmaceutical grade (GMP) sites with specific known levels of Cannabinoids and certified completely pesticide and toxin free. This ensures that, with CDA, you receive a trustworthy and standardised high-grade Medical Cannabis product. Doctors and patients can buy Medical Marijuana products through the TGA SAS portal ( using “CDA” as the search term.