Temporary Package

  • For only $99 you’ll have a Telehealth appointment and our experienced Nurses and Doctors will take you through the process and prescribe you with the best-suited Cannabis Medicine for your condition.
  • $59 Follow up consultation

Standard Package

  • Regular pricing
  • Initial long-consultation with a doctor only
  • Telehealth
  • $59 Follow up consultation

To show our support within the community, we’re offering more affordable access to Medical Cannabis. The COVID-19 Temporary Package is a $99 Initial Consultation, which will be a Nurse-led Consultation followed by a Care Consultation from one of our Doctors. This temporary pricing for the Initial Consult will be available from the 1st of April until the 30th of June 2020. If you’ve booked an Initial Consultation and your appointment is on or after the 1st of April you’re covered under this package. Pricing remains the same for Follow-Up Consultations. Nothing is more important to CDA then the health and well-being of our patients during these difficult times. 



Initial consultation $199
Follow-up consultations $59
Additional admin fee $35

  • Repeat prescription is available through TeleHealth only
  • Additional admin includes, but not limited to, DVA applications, letter to insurer or private health fund, additional product applications, application renewals.

Please register here to access our TeleHealth Services, which are available Australian-wide


Initial consultation $199
Follow-up consultations $65
Additional Admin Fee $35

  • Follow-up consults include repeat prescription 
  • Repeat prescriptions are through follow-up consultations only
  • DVA, additional product applications and other additional administration may incur an admin fee

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Many of our current patients have had luck with their Health Fund refunding a portion of their consultations and prescriptions depending on their level of cover. Please check with your own Health Fund and be persistent as your level of cover may mean they have to cover non-PBS listed prescription fees.


We’ve had some success with CDA funding applications. These application process can be lengthy and administration heavy for both the clinical staff and our Patient Care Team. It’s likely that you’ll require a few consultations to undertake your DVA funding application. Please book in for an Initial Consult and the nurse or doctor can talk you through the process and begin the application.


Products cost approximately $4 to $10 per day on average, depending on multiple factors including: the ratio of THC and CBD in the prescribed product; the amount individually used; the product form (i.e. flower, capsules, oil). This could also vary depending on the pharmacy dispensing fee. Due to government regulations we cannot publicly advertise our products or price lists. Products and prices are discussed in consultation with the prescribing doctor. Unlike other clinics, we can offer the whole range of medicinal cannabis products available.


Comparing products and their costs can be difficult when the concentration of the medicine and the size of the bottles differ. To work out how much your existing product is compared to others, please use the following calculator to determine the Cost per MG. When you have the Cost per MG of both products, you can reliably compare them.