Medicinal Cannabis Cost

We offer the most affordable pricing in the market.



Products cost approximately $4 to $10 per day on average, depending on the ratio of THC and CBD in the prescribed product, and the amount individually used. This could also vary depending on the pharmacy dispensing fee. CDA Clinics provides pharmacies with our recommended retail price for our products. Due to government regulations we cannot advertise our products or pricelists publicly. Products and prices can be discussed in consultation with the prescribing doctor. Unlike other clinics, we can offer the whole range of medicinal cannabis products available.



This differs per doctor and clinic. CDA Clinics suggests its Affiliate Doctors should charge the following costs:


Medicare Rebates are available for InClinic appointments; please refer to your local clinic for details. Unfortunately, you can not get a medicare rebate for TeleHealth unless you live in a remote area where there are no other alternatives available to you, and a specialist other than our Medicinal Cannabis specialists are involved in the consultation.


Some of our current patients have had luck with their Health Fund refunding a portion of their consultations and prescriptions. Please check with your own Health Fund.



The initial consultation with a CDA Doctor will comprise of:

Medical Condition Discussion
Treatment History
Current Medicines Review
Product Selection
TGA Application
Consent Form
Information (provided to the patient)

The cost for the initial consultation also includes administration overheads such as application chasing, application reviews (if rejected), billing, prescription writing, tracking and notification, sometimes a follow up consult to provide the prescription and dosing information, prescription posting to pharmacy, product ordering, product dispensing is included for TeleHealth patients only, bill chasing.



These consults comprise of:

Review of MC treatment with doctor
Prescription writing and tracking
Administration – bookings, billing, chasing, reporting
Product ordering and distribution



These consultations are required for a TGA Approval Renewal, or if you would like to add or change your product.



CDA Clinics is a privately owned, Australian, non-government business which has expenses like any other business. In addition to the above workload we provide free eligibility screening, information to the public on our website and social channels, patient and doctor management, research, document management, compliance to regulatory bodies, staff expenses, software and system efficiency expenses, general expenses, etc.