CDA Health in conjunction with Pledge Me are accepting investment bids

Cannabis Doctors Australia aims to be the leading Medical Cannabis Company in Australasia.

We’re a doctor-led company, and by putting patients first we’ve prescribed almost 30% of Australian patients since launch on October 26th 2018.

For the first time in Australia both retail and sophisticated investors have the chance to invest in our leading company in the emerging Medical Cannabis industry for a minimum $250 of shares, and become a part of our exciting future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding (Crowd Sourced Funding) is a new way for Australian companies to raise investment from the general public. It falls under an extension made to the Corporations Act in 2018 that allows an Australian private company to exchange shares for investment from the general public. We can raise up to $5 million in a 12 month period through a licensed intermediary platform (like PledgeMe). The Australian Securities and Investment Commission regulate this new area of raising capital and the official offer details will be contained in our Crowd Sourced Funding offer document.

What are CDA’s future plans?

CDA Health Pty Ltd (the Company) has a 3-phase business model. Phase One was all about distribution through securing import and wholesale licences, and customer (patient) acquisition by opening physical clinics to facilitate the access and prescription pathway. Phase Two is what we will be moving into if the Company’s Equity Crowdfunding campaign is successful. During this phase we aim to grow to meet our current waiting list and complete local manufacturing capabilities to increase reliability in our supply chain. Phase Three is about scaling operations and obtaining our cultivation licence in order to complete our fully integrated plant to patient model.

Who can invest in CDA Health and how much?

Any Australian resident over the age of 18 can invest up to $10,000. If you are a sophisticated investor (an investor who has over $2.5million in assets, or over $250,000 in salary for each of the previous two years) you can invest whatever amount you want.  If you’re not an Australian resident, you will need to confirm that you are a sophisticated investor and legally allowed to invest in your home country in order to invest.

All potential investors should, in deciding whether to make an application pursuant to the offer, consider the terms of the offer document and the general risk warning contained within the offer document.

Is investing in CDA like investing in the Australian Stock Exchange?

The Company is not listing the shares of this offer on a public stock exchange which means that the shares you receive for your investment in the Company via PledgeMe may lack liquidity, as they are not traded on a marketplace. Because of this, it is important to recognise that selling your shares may be difficult. If you find a willing buyer you may be able to sell your shares privately with the permission of the Company.

What is my ongoing involvement after I have invested?

When you invest, your involvement will be that you own a piece of the Company. If the Company decides to issue dividends, you will be entitled to receive those dividends and your shares may increase in value where the value of the Company increases as the Company grows. You will be given regular updates on how the Company is progressing and be able to vote on shareholder resolutions.

What has CDA Health achieved so far?

The Company’s subsidiary, Burleigh Heads Cannabis Pty Ltd (BHC) was one of the first companies in Australia to obtain its import, storage and wholesale licence after the prohibition on medicinal cannabis was reversed in 2016. Whilst BHC successfully imported a number of products into the country including the first CBD crystal, it wasn’t until the Company’s second subsidiary, Cannabis Doctors Australia Pty Ltd launched CDA Clinics (CDA Clinics) as the patient access point in October 2018 that everything took off. Over those next 6 months our doctors processed over 1000 approvals for 700+ patients; equating to 28% of all Australian approvals during that time period. CDA Clinics now has a 9-week wait time to see a doctor in person and the Company’s combined group revenue has reached over $320k for the first 4 months of 2019. We are proud to have achieved this with no external funding and little marketing spend (less than $8,500.00 for that same time period). For a complete overview please see our investment offer document under section 2.7 The Competitive Landscape.

How is Burleigh Heads Cannabis connected?

As mentioned above, BHC is a subsidiary of CDA Health and is a fully licensed Medical Cannabis wholesaler who is able to import, store and distribute products. BHC’s licence enables the Company to overcome reliability and affordability issues that other companies may have as they are not restricted or constrained to purchasing any one company’s products. This gives the CDA doctors and our affiliates comfort in that they can provide a continuity of care to their patients over the long term. 

Do you prescribe Australian products?

CDA prescribes both local and international products. However, the local market is not yet big enough for doctors to comfortably rely on this source of products. This is an important factor when a doctor is choosing a product for a patient as a separate TGA approval needs to be made for each product. Patients in Australia have experienced products going out of stock during the approval process and whilst the original prescription can be filled, the stock is depleted before a repeat prescription is due. To ensure a continuity of care our doctors will continue to prescribe international products until Australian producers can cope with the current demand.

What is your valuation based on?

We believe that the Company is one of the most investable companies in the Medicinal Cannabis industry in Australia right now. We are currently one of the only medical cannabis companies in the country who is generating revenue and profit, and our internal comparison of recent capital raises for similar companies (who we believe have less measurable traction and revenue) in our view shows our strong standing in the industry. Our patient-focused model of having specialised Cannabis clinics as well as owning our fully licensed Medical Cannabis importer and wholesaler, are strong assets for the future of the Company. These factors along with the rapidly increasing demand from patients and market projection of $3 billion by 2028 put us in prime position to be the first fully integrated plant to patient Medical Cannabis Company in Australasia.

What is the expected return on investment?

Under the current legislation we are not allowed to make any representations regarding the expected return. Typically, early-stage and growing companies do not pay dividends. Instead, they may reinvest any profits they make into growing their business. They may also do future rounds of investment, meaning your ownership of the Company percentage-wise may be diluted by the new shares that would be issued as part of that capital raise. The Company aims to grow the Company and may in the future list on a suitable stock exchange to provide greater liquidity for our shareholders. The Company also aims to grow to a position that the Company can pay out a share of profits to investors at a future point in time.

Why did you choose Equity crowdfunding?

We want to give everyday Australians an opportunity to be part of our business. By offering shares and equity to people within our like-minded community, we can remain independent from Big Pharma, which allows us to deliver our company message without compromising our values in the pursuit of short-term profit.

How do I register to invest?

We are running our investment through the Australian intermediary platform called Pledgeme. For the full guide please visit 

To invest in CDA Health you will need to do the following:

1. Register with the platform and sign up as an investor.

2. Show 2 forms of ID and read through the risk and financial services guide.

3. Receive confirmation email 

4. Go to the Pledgeme website and click on the CDA Health campaign LINK:

5. Invest by clicking on the pledge box which will take you to the payment page to confirm the amount of shares you would like to buy.

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