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How to Prescribe MedCan – Part 1

Medical Cannabis (MC) has been legal in Australia since 2016 and can be accessed through any Australian-registered Medical Doctor. As the cannabinoids in Medical Cannabis are classified as restricted medicines (THC: Schedule 8 and CBD: Schedule 4) a registered Medical Practitioner needs to make an application to the TGA via the online portal.

You may have approached your own regular doctor about trying medical cannabis for your condition and were told that its illegal or the doctor is unwilling to prescribe it. Most of the time this is because they have not had any training on this particular drug and because medicinal cannabis is still a controlled drug, there is extra paperwork that a doctor must complete in order to prescribe it.

In the following video, Dr Ben demonstrates the process for an Australian-registered medical practitioner to apply for and prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. In Part 2 (coming soon) Dr Ben demonstrates the process with a practice case.

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