Gold Coast Clinic Open

Gold Coast Clinic Open

Gold Coast’s first medical cannabis clinic is now open. If you’re on the hunt for a doctor who can prescribe medical cannabis book a consultation with Dr Ben Jansen at Medical on Miami. You can book online (click the picture here) or over the phone; just make sure you state that you require a “medical cannabis consultation.”

More clinics are planned soon for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Medical Cannabis Consultations
Initial consultations will involve comprehensive medical history review and indication for medical cannabis. Dr Jansen will create an application to the TGA on your behalf and together you can discuss the appropriate product. The initial consultation will be $200 with a Medicare rebate of $71. Subsequent consultations for repeat prescriptions are $65 with a $37 Medicare rebate.

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  • Verna Dyson Reply

    I am a 75 year old pensioner. I survive from pension to pension, with little or nothing left over. I have been suffering — often unbearably — since I was pregnant with my only child — who is now 49 years old. The rls worsened after menopause. My rls is soooo bad, I sometimes cotemplate suicide. I need help desperately. Could cannabis be my salvation? Do you discount for pensioners?

    March 27, 2019 at 4:16 am
    • cdaclinics Reply

      Hi Verna, Unfortunately there are no government subsidies for medical cannabis at this point. However, we do have some patients that have had their consultations and medicine covered by their health funds. Please check with yours if you have one.

      We are an Australian family owned company in our start up phase. We wish we could discount our product and services more than they already are for beneficiaries, but the reality is that we the business would fail. We’re already the most affordable on the market and with the amount of work that goes into each and every patient, we really are keeping our prices as low as we possibly can.


      The initial consultation is $199 and this cost includes:
      * customer service and administration of your case from engagement to product dispensing
      * the doctors time consulting with you, submitting the approval, corresponding with the TGA about your case, writing the prescription and sending it to the pharmacy. There is a lot of run around that the doctors and are staff must undertake for each case.

      The consultation cost can be rebated by Medicare ($70) only if you attend an in-clinic consultation. Medicare will not rebate TeleHealth consults. If you’d like to go down the in-clinic route, we have prescribing doctors in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

      Product prices depend on what cannabinoids the doctor wants to prescribe to you as well as the dosage required for you and your condition. This is why we can’t provide exact product prices before a doctor consult. The average CDA patient pays between $4 and $6 per day and this cost includes the pharmacy dispensing fees.

      April 3, 2019 at 4:28 am

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