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Welcome Doctors, Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Clinical Staff.

Please get in touch using the below web-form if you’d like more information regarding the process of accessing medical cannabis. We can provide information and templates which assist clinical staff to gain approval to prescribe Cannabis medications for their patients in need. Cannabis products  containing THC and CBD are listed on the Controlled Drug Register as Schedule 8 (THC) and Schedule 4 (CBD) controlled substances.  

Please register below and we can provide you information, clinical notes templates, consent forms, patient handouts, dosage guidelines and much more. If you would like to get started, please register for a TGA SAS Portal account below.


Doctors, please refer your patients to us. We receive referrals from registered doctors, specialists and Allied Health Professionals.
We’re pleased to support Doctors to help their patients access quality legal Medical Cannabis Products. Please register your details below and one of our doctors will call you for a chat.

 We require a Referral Letter and brief relevant Medical History or Health Summary. 

Click here for a referral template


Prescribing doctors, if you would like a list of all legal Cannabis products approved by the TGA, please send a request below.

Cannabis medicine comes in a range of forms such as flower, isolate, oil, lozenges, capsules and topicals. Medicines will have various ratios of Cannabinoids, primarily with either THC or CBD or a hybrid. “Full Spectrum” Cannabis products may have other residual Cannabinoids and Terpenes and these can have a range of non-psychoactive benefits.

Doctors please note: patients do not need to take psycho-active THC. There are other cannabis extraction alternatives  (Such as Cannabidiol or CBD) that can provide health benefits and are completely non-psychoactive, non-sedative and non-toxic. CBD is not tested on road-side police tests and is completely safe for most patients. Patients with many allergies can take 99% pure CBD Crystal Isolate.  Among it’s many benefits CBD is anti-bacterial, anti-tumoral, anti-emetic, anti-proliferative, anti-eschemic, anti-anxiety and neuroprotective. CBD has a very low side effect profile.

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