CDA Clinics has CBD Crystal Isolate

CDA Clinics has CBD Crystal Isolate

First ever CBD Crystal prescription in Australia! Thanks to our staff for helping us become the first and currently only CBD Crystal importers in Australia.
What is CBD Crystal and why would you want to take it over, say, CBD oil?

CBD crystals are a highly refined and purest form of CBD. Unlike other extracts, CBD crystals are at least 98% pure, meaning that no other substances are present in your CBD.

Correct dosing – Easier to dose with crystals since they are a pure form of the chemical – If you need to take 10 mg of CBD a day, you simply need to measure out 10 mg of crystals, rather than have to try to figure out how to ensure that you are actually getting the proper dosage.

The versatility – with CBD oil, the most common way to take it is as a tincture, but with CBD crystals, you can take it in many different forms depending on your tastes and preference.

  • A highly convenient way to take CBD crystals is to mix with an e-liquid for a vape pen. There are tons of different kinds of e-liquids available, many of them containing no nicotine, only flavor. You can mix up to 200 mg of crystals into 10 mg of the e-liquid. You will need to slowly heat the mixture to allow the CBD crystals to fully absorb into the liquid. It can then be vaped like any other liquid.
  • You can also mix it with many different types of oils, but the best to use is olive, coconut, or hemp seed oil. The standard potency of most CBD oil is about 10%, so you will want to mix about a gram of crystals in with 10 ml of whatever oil you are using. You will need to warm the oil enough to allow the CBD to dissolve into the oil. This can be done by putting a container of the solution into water about as warm as what you would use for a bath. If you make large batches, you will always have fresh CBD oil conveniently ready and available.
  • CBD crystals are also excellent for edible products. You can easily bake with CBD crystals and it doesn’t take a lot of effort either. All you have to do is mix in your CBD crystals with some butter, slowly heat the mixture until the crystals have dissolved and the CBD butter can be used for any recipe you desire.
  • Homemade skin care products. Of the many benefits of CBD, it is known for being a very strong antioxidant and as much research shows, antioxidants are great for the skin. CBD crystals are often melted into an oil or butter like coconut oil or shea butter and used topically as a skin cream or serum.
  • Dabbing – Many people also use dab CBD crystals. This is a more advanced way to ingesting CBD crystals and is a common way of using THC based crystals. It is really only recommended for people who are already familiar with dabbing and understand the risks associated with smoking any type of product. When you dab CBD crystals, rather than get a high as you would with THC, you get a sense of calm, as well as a bit of a boost in energy.

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