Cannabis: Miracle Medicine or Dangerous Drug?” is on SBS on demand until 13th February

If you’re wondering what to watch tonight, this doco might interest you.

“Cannabis: Miracle Medicine or Dangerous Drug?” is on SBS on demand until 13th February.

Doctor Javid meets the young epilepsy patient responsible for changing the law around medicinal cannabis in the UK and sees the remarkable effects it has on his own body.

The moral of the doc:, THC without CBD can mean paranoia, worse facial recognition, and worse memory. Street Cannabis is no good as it contains little to no CBD.

This is why we start our patients on CBD. We allow them to build up their deficient endocannabinoid systems over a number of weeks and then introduce THC at a low Medicinal dose and slowly titrate to symptom control.Patients should continue using CBD with their THC.

Our doctors prescribe any cannabis products on the legal market. The range of products available increases monthly and includes both organic full spectrum products and isolates as well as products that contain various ratios of THC to CBD. One day synthetic cannabis products may be available on the legal market and even these products have their uses (for those with compromised immune systems or many allergies, for example). * Full-spectrum means that the product includes all naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Street Cannabis is not great for sick people as it’s produced to be high in THC alone. Most black-market cannabis also contains PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators). PGR’s are cancerous, toxic and highly dangerous for the human body. In comparison to Medical Cannabis, street Cannabis is unsafe, unregulated and you have no clue what you’re buying (even if it has a label).

Disclaimer: This is not an inducement to use Medicinal Cannabis. Medicinal Cannabis doesn’t work for everyone. If you think Medicinal Cannabis is right for you, please check with our doctors. How cannabis affects a person depends on many things including their size, weight, age and health, dosage and tolerance. Other drugs, medications or supplements that are being taken can also interact with or be affected by cannabis.

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