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The qualified Cannabis Doctors at CDA Clinics provide patients with legal access to Medical Cannabis Australia-wide. Our Doctors can apply to the Department of Health on behalf of each patient. Upon approval, our registered Cannabis Doctors can write prescriptions for legal Medicinal Cannabis treatments, which will be sent to a pharmacy for dispensing. Our Doctors are Australian registered, trained in Cannabis medicine and experienced in prescribing legal Medical Cannabis. The specialist Cannabis Doctors at CDA Clinics complies with all Australian laws to provide legal prescriptions and clinical advice to patients.

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If you’re suffering from a chronic condition and seeking alternative methods with your regular GP to relieve symptoms and pain, register with CDA Clinics today. Fill in the form below and we’ll send you an info pack. Friends, family, neighbours and nurses are considered carers and may also register below.
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Why the Registered Medical Cannabis Doctors at CDA Clinics?

CDA Clinics are the leading providers of Medical Marijuana consultations across Australia. Our experienced doctors specialise in the prescribing of Medical Cannabis and do so at a dosage best suited to your condition and needs. You and your doctor will discuss a personalised management plan which outlines all factors regarding your treatment, including goals, potential benefits, and side effects.

Consulting with the registered Medical Cannabis Doctors at CDA Clinics guarantees quality and attentive service and care.

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